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The Nutty Bavarian Nut Roasting System

Since being founded in the United States in 1989, The Nutty Bavarian has enjoyed tremendous success in sales of our gourmet nuts. The secret to our success lies in the automated nut roaster the NBR2000. The NBR2000 enables any retail store to set up, roast and sell roasted nuts within 2 hours of receiving the system.

The nuts are roasted and glazed in direct view of the customer and the aroma of the nuts roasting is hard to resist. Cinnamon glazed roasted nuts have been enjoyed for generations in Europe, the NBR2000 enables retailers to roast perfect nuts every time with no additional labour costs. Across the USA, Japan, New Zealand and Australia, fresh roasted cinnamon glazed nuts are being sold by the thousands at sports stadiums and arenas, airports, major theme parks, cinemas, zoos and large malls.

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The Secret to Our Success

- The ability to watch nuts being freshly roasted while the scent of cinnamon fills the air

- Distinct gourmet cinnamon glazed nuts are a signature item that create incremental sales

- Generous portion and packaging increases perceived value

- Easy to operate business

- Negligible maintenance

- No vegetable oils or animal fats used in our unique cooking process

Nuts Play an Important Role in Diet

Cinnamon glazed nuts are a new gourmet product that is different from any other snack food on the market today. Rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, nuts play an invaluable part in the diet. They are an excellent source of the B1 vitamin, vitamin E and various minerals, particularly iron, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and potassium. Much of the fat content in nuts is made up of unsaturated fats which can actually decrease blood cholesterol levels. Each Nutty Bavarian roaster freshly roasts and sells a variety of gourmet roasted nut products and the menu can be customised to meet the requirements of any location. Most locations sell these three recommended items:

  • Cinnamon glazed almonds
  • Cinnamon glazed cashews
  • Cinnamon glazed macadamias



The Nutty Bavarian is showing his nuts in Wellington

Between the 24-26th of May the Nutty Bavarian will be exhibiting his nuts at the Wellington Food Show. Visit http://www.foodshow.co.nz for more details.


Best Nuts in Show

Follow your nose and the crowds to taste and see the Nutty Bavarian exhibiting the fully automated nut roaster at the following trade shows in 2012:

Reed Gift Fair Sydney 25 - 29 February
NZ Gift Fair Auckland 4 - 6 March
NZ Fine Foods Fair Auckland 17 - 19 June
NZ Gift Fair Auckland 26 - 28 August
Reed Gift Fair Sydney 15 - 18 September

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