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The Nutty Bavarian began business in the USA in 1989 selling fresh roasted, cinnamon glazed nuts using a Bavarian recipe developed by Bruno the Bavarian. The first Nutty Bavarian was located in Orlando, Florida and established in 1994, by 1996 The Nutty Bavarian was among INC's list of the 500 fastest growing private companies in America. The Nutty Bavarian is now also located in Canada, Japan, Brazil, New Zealand and Australia.

The Nutty Bavarian's growth came from licensing its system to independent operators who opened locations in major malls, theme parks, sports stadiums and arenas, zoos, cinemas and airports in the area. In addition, The Nutty Bavarian became a side business for many professionals who operate at local fairs and festivals on weekends.

The Nutty Bavarian is also an excellent addition to candy and/or ice cream stores. The aroma generated by fresh roasting and glazing the nuts in a store attracts customers to the location and increases their appetites! Candy stores find that by adding The Nutty Bavarian, sales of all of their products increase!

The nuts are roasted and glazed in direct view of the customer and the aroma of the nuts roasting is hard to resist. Cinnamon glazed roasted nuts have been enjoyed for generations in Europe, the NBR2000 enables retailers to roast perfect nuts every time with no additional labour costs.

The movie below demonstrates how easy it really is to make a sell cinamon glazed roasted nuts.


The Nutty Bavarian in New Zealand and Australia is operated by Calico Cottage Fudge Systems.


The Nutty Bavarian is showing his nuts in Wellington

Between the 24-26th of May the Nutty Bavarian will be exhibiting his nuts at the Wellington Food Show. Visit http://www.foodshow.co.nz for more details.


Best Nuts in Show

Follow your nose and the crowds to taste and see the Nutty Bavarian exhibiting the fully automated nut roaster at the following trade shows in 2012:

Reed Gift Fair Sydney 25 - 29 February
NZ Gift Fair Auckland 4 - 6 March
NZ Fine Foods Fair Auckland 17 - 19 June
NZ Gift Fair Auckland 26 - 28 August
Reed Gift Fair Sydney 15 - 18 September

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